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Please always remember to Never Drive Impaired

Hello, and please let us say first that we appreciate you taking the time to learn about us. We know that when we do business with someone new or a new company, we like to know who they are, what is their culture like, what are their goals, why should we do business with them, etc... Well, hopefully, we can accomplish that here =) First, if you would like more information on the owners, please read the press release here.

Muhnchies.com (yes, spelled with an H & more on that later.) has been an idea brewing on co-owner Brad Roberts's mind for a while. Brad's been a fellow 420 user since he was very young. Too young to even mention..lol. He was born in the south, where his parents lived at a Hippy Commune in 1972. His parents were hippies through and through, which is probably why his attitude on Cannabis has always been very mellow and why he's an advocate for completely legalizing it nationwide. "Weed, that's what I call it, has never been a bad thing in my family so long as you do not abuse it and especially so long as you do not use it & drive. I can remember a few times after I turned eighteen and being at a friend's house, stymied out of my mind because he had just got some Skunk Bud, and calling my Mom to come and get me because I knew I shouldn't drive and she told me that I made the right call. It just wasn't taboo growing up, and I was taught to respect its impact on your cognitive skills when driving. I know some people like to think they drive better blazed, but that's bullshit, in my opinion. Especially with the strength of the strains these days. To each their own, but it's illegal, and people who drive stoned and end up in an accident are slowing down total legalization." Luckily his wife Sonya doesn't smoke, so he has a built-in designated driver unless she's enjoying a glass of wine. Speaking of his wife, Sonya and Brad met almost 20 years ago and have been inseparable best friends ever since. Sonya grew up in a more traditional southern household and community, so drugs of any kind weren't tolerated. Sonya said, "my Dad's beer was just about the only thing allowed in the house growing up. I, of course, like any other teenager, tried smoking weed but I just didn't like the way it made me feel. Hell, not too long ago, Brad even found some stuff that had less than 3% THC in it, and I still just don't like the way it makes me feel. My drug of choice is caffeine, and I love a good glass of wine. I have zero against weed, or I wouldn't be married to Brad, and I certainly wouldn't be going on this awesome adventure with him by starting Muhnchies. Supporting the Never Drive Impaired cause is close to my heart, and I hope to help make our streets a little safer."

If you're wondering why they didn't spell "munchies" the correct way, it's simple. They wanted close to 1 million dollars for the domain, and just about every other logical way to use the word was taken as well. So then Brad just decided to spell it with an H as it didn't change the annunciation. Brad said, "I didn't have a million to spend on the correct spelling domain, and actually the way we're spelling it has gotten amazing feedback because it's unique, and it makes people do a double-take, and they always remember it. Lol, I think they want to correct the spelling and can't! It's really turned out to be a good asset."

At muhnchies.com, our goal is to encourage people not to drive when they've been smoking and even drinking. We all know what it's like sitting at home and enjoying some adult provisions, and then suddenly you're super hungry, and there's nothing in your cupboard you want, or there is, but who wants to cook anything when you're feeling so good, loll! You can call an Uber, but that just ruins your buzz or you can call one of the big food delivery services, but they're always messing up your order and running late. Besides, sometimes we just need some basic food choices like Pizza and Wings, and then it's on! We want dessert, and we want all kinds of the shit that brings back memories. The staff favorite here at Muhnchies is the Parmesan wings, a RC Cola, Hot Funyuns, Zebra Cakes, followed by a Monster and hot cinnamon toothpicks. Where else can you get this under one roof? You can't! You'd have to spend multiple delivery fees and a crap ton of time with the bigger delivery services. However, we got you covered! We have over 100 items that have been curated by legit 420 connaisseurs, and we are adding more and more items weekly.

Our culture is love and happiness. We don't talk politics, and we don't discriminate. We just feed you and have fun. Our drivers are not allowed to drive under the influence, but when they show up at your door and smell that good danky smell, they know what's up, and if they're not super busy they might even shoot the shit with you if you want. I mean, who's ever been twisted and enjoyed talking 420 lingo with a fellow 420'er...lol. If you're somewhere where you need us to be more discrete, you can request that, and we'll cover up our company shirts and be in and out. 

Hopefully, that covers about us, and we hope to get to know you!

The Muhnchies Staff

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